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15 February 2018

‘Akkayut Boonin’ and the Values of the Great Giving (Read in Thai)

“Our leftover money when is shared with the destitute, its values are multiplied.” This is the idea of such a warm-hearted person like Mr.Akkayut Boonin, who values the gesture of “giving” even it started with only 5-baht daily donation to support World Vision Foundation of Thailand’s “Child Sponsorship Project”.

“When I was in a second year college student, I started an idea to do something good to give back to society. I happened to learn about World Vision Foundation of Thailand’s ‘Child Sponsorship Program’ from a pamphlet. After I had taken a look at it, I became interested. So I took long enough time to study and get to know WVFT and its project until I felt confident that WVFT’s Child Sponsorship Project would be my best option to do some good deeds to give back to society as I wish,” recalled Mr.Akkayut of the beginning of how he has become a giver, starting with only a small amount of money. Yet the return is tremendous.

“Back then I did not have any serious income. So I started with inviting 2 of my friends at the college who had hearts of sharing like I did. We pooled a share of 5 baht each day, which totaled up 450 baht monthly to support WVFT’s Child Sponsorship Project. After I graduated and have secured a job and steady income, I have officially become a sponsor.”

Now Mr.Akkayut is the sponsor of 2 children, Weerapat, 10, studying in grade 3 in Pong Namron district, Chanthaburi province and Witchaporn, 10, studying in grade 3 in Khamtakla district, Sakonnakhon province, respectively.

As a ‘giver’, Mr.Akkayut said what makes him happy the most is to give an opportunity to the impoverished children because he believes that children deserve an opportunity to choose to do what they love. Once they get to do what they love, they will do it best and gain self-esteem from what they do. He believes that these children will grow up to be productive citizens.

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“I have seen better development of my sponsored children, both physically and mentally. The children have specially developed their vocational skills and knowledge. Because of WVFT’s help, the children and their families have occupations and secure income and become self-reliant. What I have perceived from WVFT’s work is that it does not only provide direct aid to children, but also carries out interventions with the aim to develop children, families and communities where they live in simultaneously to create sustainable development. These are my impression and commendation for WVFT,” Mr.Akkayut strongly affirmed.

Although the opportunity to meet his sponsored children may be scarce, he has been informed of their lives through Annual Progress Reports sent by WVFT and the children’s letters sent to him in special occasions.

Until today, it has been 16 years since Mr.Akkayut became a sponsor based on the belief that doing good deeds or helping the society requires nothing much beyond your ability, but starts with only a small amount of money, which may cost nothing to us, yet it is very valuable for the impoverished in the society.

“I believe that giving and sharing will create a truly better society,” Mr.Akkayut ended.