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21 May 2018

Eggs in Chicken Coop Bring Happiness to Natchuda (Read in English)

The girl named “Natchuda” hugged an egg laying chicken in her arms lovingly. The receiving of 12 hens help Natchuda and grandparents do not have to bestarveling because of having no food to eat anymore. “Every morning, I will pick up some eggs to grandmother for cooking food to eat at home and the rest of eggs will be sold at school. The teacher will buy these eggs everyday to be prepared for student lunch,” said 11-year-old girl, even the face of Natchuda was not smiling but her eyes sparkled with pleasure as well.

“Natchuda’s parents have separated since she was a little girl. Her father got married and moved to stay with the new family at the other place without contacting back to the girl for many years. Natchuda’s mother went to work in Bangkok and has to go through difficulty so she sometimes can send 1,000 baht to us for nurturing the girl. I understand her that living in Bangkok has a lot of expenses. My wife and I still be able to do the rice farm and pick some vegetables nearby my house or catch fish to be prepared for food,” told the grandfather of Natchuda.

“Food” is an important factor for living that affects the development and growth of children, especially impoverished kids in remote areas. To provide children and families with sufficient food resources and reduce the shortage of food to the families, Khok Sung Area Development Programme, Sa Kaeo province, pursued by World Vision Foundation of Thailand, has supported the raising of egg laying chickens to children families in order to be a sustainable source of food in the household. This programme will support children in needy families to have good nourishment and reduce child malnutrition along the way.

“I am very glad to receive the egg laying chickens to raise at home. These hens help me, my wife and my granddaughter have good and enough food. The 12 hens lay a lot of eggs and we cannot eat all of them so we sell the eggs to Ban Nong Ake School where my grandchild is studying and the teacher kindly buy all eggs we have. Thank you very much to WVFT and the sponsors that support our family to have food source at home. My granddaughter has good health and weight increasing and all of us have enough food to eat,” Natchuda’s grandfather described the happiness that has happened to his family.

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Even though it is less than 1 year since Natchuda has been supported from the generous sponsor through the “Child Sponsorship Programme”, the girl and her grandparents have better well-being like they never have before. Natchuda and grandparents take a very good care of the 12 chickens until they can lay 10-12 eggs a day. These eggs are the source of food that grandparents do not have to pay. Eggs help Natchuda has good health and growth development, and help repair the bodies of grandparents at the aging period. The eggs also are sold to be a small income as well.

“Grandpa’s got 500-700 baht per month from selling eggs and he will save 200 baht in the bank for my education expenses. The rest of money is for family expenses,” said Natchuda.