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28 July 2018

Not just a kid, but a big fat ardent junior farmer (Read in Thai)

Once again the saying “Age is just a number” proves itself right! Golf, 11, is a sponsored child of World Vision Foundation of Thailand in Chian Yai Area Development Programme and a ‘youth member’ of Chemical-Free Vegetable Growing Group, Chian Yai district, Nakhon Si Thammarat province, who has bred and raised crickets to generate income to buy savings certificates as his way to save money.

“He said the savings is for when in need,” Pananat, the mother, said, grinning with joy.

Golf has become a member of Chemical-Free Vegetable Growing Group since last year. His mother chortled about the reason of his membership, “He saw me getting dividends from the group. He wanted to get some, too.”

Despite his recent membership, Golf has been well-known by all members as he’s always tagged along his mother to play around at the group working site through 6 years since the group’s started. At the meantime, he’s indirectly absorbed what the adults have been doing.

“I have a vegetable plot next to the house. He likes helping get rid of weeds, plough soil and water vegetables. He does these every day after school and on weekends. Now we’re growing wax gourds, local vegetable (Melientha suavis) and luffas,” Pananat talked about her son.

Once the vegetables are mature, Mom will harvest them to sell at the market where Golf will be helping around. Sometimes he’ll ask Mom to arrange sets of assorted vegetables to sell to the teachers at school.

“He’d ask the teachers first if they wanted to buy which types of vegetables. He’d make 50 baht, or sometimes 100 baht. He’d bring all of the money back to Mom,” said Mom with delightful reflection in her eyes.

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In fact, not only fond of vegetable growing, but Golf is also devoted to many other activities carried out by the group, such as frog and fish raising. However, one of his favourites is cricket breeding and raising. As claimed by Uncle Thang, the group’s guru, the produce is at good price and there is market demand. Therefore, Golf went to see him and ask for his favour to teach him how to raise crickets.

“Only a fifth grader, yet he takes everything so seriously. I’d teach him whatever he’s interested in,” said Uncle Thang.

On that day with his elated heart, without hesitation Golf and his mother hurriedly got the work space and the equipment and supplies ready. Finally, Uncle Thang showed up to deliver his kind advice right at their door. Since then, Golf’s raised crickets with the help from Mom. Once crickets grow plump and fleshly, Mom will make crispy deep-fried crickets for Golf to sell to his schoolmates at 10 baht per bag. This proves what Uncle Thang said right: there is market demand for the produce. As a result, Golf has gained enough income, part of which has gone to his savings while the other deposited in savings accounts for his 2 younger brothers, 500 baht each.

“I want them to have some savings,” Golf gave a short reason, lifting up the corner of his mouth into a quick smile, before resuming his serious look.