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30 May 2018

Roi Rang “I Ya” Salted Eggs (Read in Thai)

“I Ya” is an exclamation of people who live in Southern Thailand to express the feeling of satisfaction or surprise. It can be deduced that the salted eggs produced by the parents of children in “Child Sponsorship Programme” pursued by World Vision Foundation of Thailand (WVFT) in Pak Phayun Area Development Programme, Phatthalung province, must have something that is appreciated by those who have tasted it. Therefore, the products have been called, “I Ya salted eggs”.

“These are the herbal salted eggs pickled with lemongrass and pandan leaves which is the group's own recipe,” said cheerfully, Yupa Rattanasiri, Chief of “I Ya Banhuayrua Group”, and she also added, “We're bored with eating duck eggs and because there are a lot of duck eggs at home, we preserve them as salted eggs.”

The listener exclaimed “I Ya” again with a surprise. Yupa smiled and explained the previous dialogue, “We have duck eggs from the duck farming which is the career support from WVFT. Not only my house that has a lot of duck eggs, nearly all of neighbors also have duck eggs. The eggs help us reduce the cost of food but we cannot sell these farming products because of the oversupply.”

On the surface, it seems like a problem, but in fact, what is happening is the process of promoting career to the families of needy children through “Child and Sponsorship Programme” according to the Pak Phayun Area Development Programme to support Yupa and other parents to have extra income from making salted eggs and group the parents to help each other.

Yupa described, “After we received the training, how to make salted eggs, organized by WVFT, we asked the members to put duck eggs together in order to try making salted eggs. With a lot of practice, we finally have a recipe that belongs to the group itself.”

Everything meets the target so the remaining duck eggs from the family consumption are preserved to the value added. The free time after the mission of rubber tapping which was used to chitchat only for fun has become a time to make money by making salted eggs and they still meet each other as the same. “I Ya salted eggs” are produced to sell around 500 to 600 eggs each month. This is a delicious salted egg and is registered as OTOP product and also registered as community enterprise.

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(Remark: OTOP stands for “One Tambon (meaning sub-district) One Product”. It is a local entrepreneurship stimulus program which aims to support the unique locally made and marketed products of each Thai tambon all over Thailand.)

“We are proud and very glad that our village has a group of occupation like other villages.” Yupha said and grinned with delight to inform the next target, “But our dream is OTOP 5 stars with the very high sales volume. We will develop our products to have better quality.”