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22 May 2018

Instructional Media and the Technique of Teaching Thai Language (Read in Thai)

Even though the children are native Thai speakers, a lot of Thai kids do not enjoy studying Thai language and feel like they have to swallow the bitter pill. Therefore, Niramol Watnakhonyai who is a teacher of Thai language at Banna School, Kapoe district, Ranong province, has to do something to create the interesting atmosphere of learning in classroom with the realization that the literacy skills in Thai language are the heart of learning that will help students are able to gain more knowledge from other subjects.

“I combined the fun games from YouTube with the lecturing to gain more understanding in reading and writing Thai language accurately to the kids, because there are some students use the southern Thai language as the official language in writing,” said Niramol, the teacher.

This problem has motivated the Kapoe Area Development Programme, sponsored by World Vision Foundation of Thailand (WVFT) which has operated in this area, to have the collaboration with Banna School in organizing the training of “Creating Instructional Media for Thai Language Teachers” which is a part of WVFT's educational activities for children in the development area.

“Previously, the school sent teachers to the training of instructional media but after came back, the teachers did not use those knowledge because we did not have the equipment to create the teaching materials. When WVFT organized the training again, it’s like the encouragement to us to use the equipment received from WVFT and the knowledge from the two times trainings to create the instructional media for teaching and also pass on the technique of making teaching materials to students,” described Niramol, the teacher.

Students have done the instructional media along with the lecturing of teacher and have more understanding in the lesson. The Thai language class which has the same length of time has passed quickly in the feeling of children because of the more interesting and enjoyable lesson.

“The kids have better attitude towards learning Thai language. When the students saw their teacher prepared paper and scissors, they began to enjoy participating the lesson. The teacher will inform the lesson of next class to the kids in advance such as the learning of spelling then, the students will search for the information of spelling to prepare for making instructional media in next class. What the children have done by their own hands, they will remember that knowledge longer than just listening to the teacher,” said with a smile, Niramol.

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The satisfactory result of learning Thai language has motivated Banna School to apply using instructional media in the teaching of English in grade 1.

“The training of instructional media has met the requirement that I would like to learn. The knowledge from WVFT training has developed my teaching skills and I also pass on the knowledge to my colleagues in school. This is a good chance of the school,” said with a smile, Niramol, the teacher.