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1 June 2018

“Siam Global House” Supports Breakfast Project to Fill up Needy Children’s Stomachs (Read in Thai)

SIAM GLOBAL HOUSE PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED, led by Ms Suphaphon Ananta, Regional Director, together with Mr Komphet Kudsena, Roi-Et Branch Manager, who represented the management and staff of the company, joined in fulfilling the happiness of giving through the donation boxes of World Vision Foundation of Thailand. The contributions will support “Breakfast Project” initiated by WVFT. In this occasion Miss Chawanrat Paka, Regional Marketing Officer, a WVFT representative, handed over the donation boxes to Siam Global House, to be distributed to its 50 branches nationwide, on May 8, 2018.

SIAM GLOBAL HOUSE PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED is a company with a vision to supply the best construction materials and home decoration products in the ASEAN region (A Better Choice for A Better Home). The company has also organized projects and activities to help society consistently. The money collected from the donation boxes distributed to all branches of the Global House nationwide will support the provision of healthy food from all 5 nutrient groups for children aged 2-6 years in the child development centers located in WVFT’s development areas. “Breakfast Project” aims to help needy children to start the day with full stomachs to be ready for learning each day.