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25 January 2018

Save the World with Delicious Spicy Seafood Shellfish Paste (Read in Thai)

Chili paste has been a special menu that gives a better taste for Thai food for a long time. We have hot rice with a delicious smell and hot omelets – upgrading the level of spiciness with chili paste and both fresh and boiled vegetables. That is it! Umm….there is nothing that can exchange for this amazing meal time.

Simply satisfied with delicious food, just one plate of rice is not enough - everyone wants more. Therefore, we make different types of chili paste, mixed with different ingredients until it is favourable. However, Spicy Seafood Shellfish Paste group at Ban Bang Tip has a dissimilar story.

“Our spicy paste making group started with the difficulty in selling shellfish that we collected. The prices were also very low. While searching for a solution, World Vision Foundation of Thailand (WVFT) (under the community development programme at KhuraBuri district, PhangNga province) conducted a spicy paste study tour for the spicy paste making group from another community, and so we participated with them as well,” DonramanRawangngan the consultant of Spicy Seafood Shellfish Paste group at Ban Bang Tip told.

Spicy Seafood Shellfish Paste group was inspired to increase the value of shellfish by turning it into processed food. KhuraBuri programme supported the materials in beginning for making the products. Shellfish topped with sweet, sour and hot sauce were the first product, but they need a lot of shellfish for producing that caused the high cost.

The group thus mixed shellfish with lemon grass paste. However, the chili paste could not be kept for long and it can easily be expired.

“We turned to make grilled shellfish paste which could not solve the problem because it can be kept for only 7-15 days. There was mold and it was oily. We were trying to find all solutions we could think of,” Donraman explained.

“Luckily, WVFT helped our community since after the tsunami. They supported us in raising black crabs and then sponsored the children. Even the little ones know WVFT because they have also been supporting us. It is not just a compliment, but they really have helped us all the time,” Donraman spoke with a smile before continued saying that, “an environment organisation came to help us because they saw that we had done mangrove planting since 1996. They let the expert provide suggestions on how to preserve the chili paste.”

“Steam it”, Donraman stressed on the answer that he received.

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Hard clam chili paste, sweet clam chili paste, and other 5 more products with the brand name “ Chai le” by Spicy Seafood Shellfish Paste group at Ban Bang Tip were placed out in market so that the chili paste lovers would taste them. There are chili paste in 100 gram containers in the price of 35 baht for each package, 3 packages for 100 baht and in a glass bottle for 50 baht each. Apart from the unique taste, every chill paste package sold would give away 1 baht to environment conservation funding for fuel in sailing boat to clean the sea.

“We are planning to find alternative containers instead of plastics, so that our products would truly promote eco-friendly environment, Donraman explained.

Importantly, the group does not add preservative and gourmet powder in their products for consumers’ health. Having known this, let’s buy all chill paste flavours for our homes!