The birthday gift

that lets your sponsored child know how much you care

The birthday is just another ordinary day for vulnerable children

For many people, the birthday is a special occasion to celebrate with their family. But most vulnerable children have never experienced this privilege because they only struggle to overcome daily challenges and needs. Some children endure hardship and help their parents work to sustain their lives. They have never received any birthday gifts or good wishes. The birthday is just another ordinary day.

Your concern and giving are wonderful gifts and best wishes for your sponsored child

You are the one who can make the birthday of your sponsored child a wonderful day filled with blessings. You can send them a gift that is age-appropriate that they can use in daily life. WVFT would like to pass on one of these gifts from you to your sponsored child. The following items should meet their needs the most.


Pencils, pens, highlighters, writing correctives (eraser/ correction fluid), rulers, protractors, coloured pencils

Learning accessories

Dictionaries, solar cell lamps, calculators, studying desks, etc.

Necessary fees

School ride fares, tutorial fees, etc.

Other projects


Child sponsorship

Help Vulnerable children for better future


Support Breakfast meal to children

Helping Children with Nutritious Breakfast Every Day for Healthy Growth and Development



To give vulnerable and poor children the opportunity to choose for the first time in their lives

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