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July 2018

• Isuzu UNT Handed Over Sufficiency Water Source Project Year 6  NEW
• Youth across 7 Schools Passed Forwards The Heart of Giving  NEW
• Joint Forces for Literacy Development for Impoverished Children on Thailand-Cambodia Border
• Natural Classroom Products Served on Lunch Table
• Find out ... Find it Successful Strategy for YouthfromYouthEmpowerment Project

June 2018

• To The Nine Co. Ltd. Supports “Breakfast for Kids Project”
• Gifts to Fill up Needy Children’s Stomachs
• Pass on Giving, Pass on Opportunity
• Salt-Grilled Fish Served with Green Papaya Salad: the delicious meal ‘Nikorn’ and Grandma don’t need to pay for
• Real Savory..Dried “Tai Pla” Curry Paste
• Extra Class to Build Readers and Groom Writers
• Sasiwimon and her “Funtastic” Learning
• ‘Ban Kuet Samsip New Wave,’ Youth Volunteers Power up in Firebreak Making
• APC Pours Streams of Kindness to Share Clean Water with Bannongbuathong School, Kaeng Hang Maeo District, Chanthaburi Province
• Trip Imjai... Safe Trip to School for Children around the Dam
• “Siam Global House” Supports Breakfast Project to Fill up Needy Children’s Stomachs

May 2018

• The Cloth Bags Bring Happiness and Help Clear a Debt
• Roi Rang “I Ya” Salted Eggs
• Dream High for Stars Lie Hidden in Mukda’s Soul
• Instructional Media and the Technique of Teaching Thai Language
• Mom’s Vegetable Farm Makes Jagjan Happy
• Eggs in Chicken Coop Bring Happiness to Natchuda
• Reading Development at Khun Yuam
• “9 Special Menus from Oyster Mushrooms” From Agricultural Plots for Lunch to Learn Increasing Value and Become the Career to Earn Money
• Chicken, Pig and the First Math Teacher of Ban Pha Bong
• The Day ‘Kru Pump’ Has Been Waiting For
• Agriculture for Lunch and Clean Drinking Water. For the Border Children to Learn to “Earn a Living”
• Calves and the Dream of “Khawpod”

April 2018

• Opportunity Changes a Difficult Student to be Youth Leader
• 15 years of Kohler: Gives Happiness through “Believing in Better” Project
• Bamboo Baskets Create Bond of Love to the Elderly
• Goats of Faozi Family
• Bangchak gives warmth to children against wintertime
• Let’s Walk by Shokubutsu for Men: The Heart Walk
• Giving is Happier than Receiving
• WVFT join the campaign of “Bangkok Stop TB”
• Nature Biotec Delivers Blankets to Children
• Keep the smiles of villagers with tie-dye
• The stream of compassion to a new school building of Ban HuayKob School (Ban PraraiNok Branch)

March 2018

• A decade - The Heart of Giving
• Young generation craftsman
• Walking Running Cycling Stop Tuberculosis in Ranong
• Fundamental Education of children in Sop Moei
• The new water well of Gino
• Joy and Happiness at the 19thChinese New Year – Phuket Old Town Festival
• Innisfree Thailand made donation to Breakfast for Kids Project
• Chompoo’s Happiness
• ICAP-AP fulfills the dream of sustainable agriculture
• WVFT Run Towards fullness of Life
• Sharing delightful mind and warm blankets to children
• “Mor Pom” and A Dream Come True
• The Letter

February 2018

• "Love is giving." This is how ‘Mrs. Phuangphen Patikorn' or ‘Pat' defines the word ‘love'
• The Heart filled with Spirit of Giving of ‘Auntie UraiwanSomjit’
• ‘Akkayut Boonin’ and the Values of the Great Giving
• No Birth Certificates, No Rights
• WVFT conducts training on media production for health volunteers

January 2018

• “Koh” and his steps toward the brighter future
• Save the World with Delicious Spicy Seafood Shellfish Paste
• World Gas Feeds the Children in Kaeng Krachan
• Phuket International Airport Makes Donations to Support World Vision Thailand’s Work for the Third Year
• Mae La Noi Nutrition Programme for Young Children
• World Vision Together with 20 Institutions Build Empowerment for Youth
• The 6th Life Skill Development Camp: Dare to be brave, Dare to make decisions, Dare to take actions
• Integrated Farming Learning Source at School…for Sustainability to Reach Rural Area

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