Bachelor Degree project

Will you support student graduate scholarship?

World Vision Foundation of Thailand (WVFT) focuses on children’s education throughout the country, but what happens after high school? Through the kind support of donors, both individuals and corporations, WVFT implemented ‘Bachelor’s Degree Project’ to provide scholarships for WVFT sponsored children with a desire to pursue and obtain a Bachelor’s degree or in High Vocational Certificate.

The recipients, who are in the care of WVFT, are carefully selected, taking into account their grades throughout their education, their dedication, admission exam score and whether they are currently in university. The selected students receive 33,000 baht worth of scholarship annually or 2,750 baht per month until they complete their degrees.

How many students are there now?

How do we take care of them?

WVFT monitors the grades of the recipients closely to ensure that they will complete their Bachelor’s Degree according to their plans. WVFT’s staff members coordinate with the students and advise them how to manage their scholarship fund. From WVFT’s over 39 years of experience in operating all over Thailand, we are confident that our monitoring system is efficient and we assure our donors that the right students are receiving scholarships and are performing well.

Our goal

WVFT aims to continually provide support for students to obtain Bachelor’s Degrees or in High Vocational Certificate. We intend to increase the number of scholarships each year in order to give more students this great opportunity.

How can you support the project?

There are 2,000 children in the care of WVFT right now who dream of pursuing a degree. ‘You‘ can help them reach their dreams.

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