Breakfast for kids project

The mission of World Vision Foundation of Thailand (WVFT) is to focus on children in need. Besides providing them with an equal opportunity to access the appropriate education, WVFT also focuses on their health. Having good health and hygiene are essential to a good life.

Make a difference by donating only 20 baht per meal today

Currently there is a large number of children who have not been eating enough nutritious food - especially in children from the neonatal stage to the age of 5.

...I'm Starving

Children in poor families hardly have any good and proper ‘breakfasts’. They are facing a malnutrition crisis where they come to school hungry. Because their families are poor, the parents cannot cook them proper breakfasts. Sometimes, they just have rice with salt or chilli in the morning. Even worse, in some cases they have nothing for both breakfast and dinner, only eating lunch at school. Most children receive nutrients far below the recommended daily intake, with their weak immune systems leading to stunted growth and as such they end up being smaller than their peers. When children are hungry, their brains are starved. The malnutrition causes them to fall behind school since they cannot concentrate.

Stop children's hunger

WVFT has launched ‘Breakfast for Kids project’ to help children get a full meal in the morning before they start their school on a new day. The project aims to help children age 2-6 years receive the appropriate amount of nutrients from breakfast at Child Development Centre in WVFT project areas. The project will lighten the burden of parents who do not have time to look after their children, as well as reduce food expenses for poor families. In addition, the goal of this project is to train and raise awareness among parents, teachers, child caretakers, and officers in the Child Development Centres. It will equip them with the knowledge to select nutritious meals for children.

*These are just some of the ingredients listed in the children's breakfast menus. WVFT's breakfast meals are prepared by taking into consideration the variety of the ingredients available, the appropriate amount of daily nutrients intake for children and the environment of each project site.

Through WVFT's determination and your generous support, we can build a brand new day for the children so that they are prepared to learn new things. By providing a full nutritious breakfast necessary to their growth, they can develop both physically and intellectually. You can help them by donating only 20 Baht per meal to provide ‘high nutritional value breakfast’ or :
• 460 baht for 1 child for 1 month
• 2,760 baht for 1 child for 6 months
• 5,520 baht for 1 child for 12 months

Your Fund is worth more than you can imagine

WVFT will use this money to provide breakfast and milk for children age 2-6 at Child Development Centres through the educational year in the 3 pilot provinces namely, Ubonratchathani, Sri-Sa-Ket and Luey. Around 1,381 children will benefit from the project. WVFT also provides training for parents, teachers and child caretakers on the importance of nutrition, conducted by the project's staff, nutritionist and the chief of public health centre. In addition, WVFT will also publicize and raise awareness on child nutrition.

Where are the ‘Breakfast for Kids’ projects implemented?

There are 6 child development centres in the Area Development Programme (ADP) of Sirinthorn district, Ubonratchathani province since May 2011. At the time there were 326 children who joined the project.

In Sirithorn ADP, children in the age range of 25-72 months (2-6 years old) are suffering from malnutrition, of which 11.09 percent are underweight and 12 percent have relatively low weight. Most children are undernourished, lacking mainly from protein intake since they come from poor families. The best food they can afford or find is sticky rice with either salt or fish sauce. Even worse, they sometimes skip breakfast as their parents have to go to work early and have no time to cook for them.

The pilot projects have been in fruition since May 2011 until the present. During this time there is a significant improvement in the children's physical and mental statuses. They have gained more weight and are better equipped emotionally and mentally to participate in the activities. The children have learned to share and accommodate one another, especially at lunchtime when they share their food. Most importantly, the kids have adapted their eating habit to eating more breakfast. The parents are also paying more attention to the morning meal.

At the present WVFT has operated the ‘Breakfast for Kids’ project in 8 sub-districts in 7 provinces namely, Sirindhorn district in Ubon Ratchathani, Phusingha district in Srisaket, Pha Khao district in Loei, Sangkha district in Surin, Umphang district in Tak, Om Koi district in Chiang Mai and Pang Ma Pha and Mae Sariang district in Mae Hong Son.

From the Teacher's Heart

“Most parents here are poor. They bring their children to the centre early in the morning since they have to go to work. Most of the time, the children did not have breakfast, with some kids bringing their rice with fish sauce or salt to share with each other. My sympathy goes to them. By late morning they are telling me how hungry they are. The best I could do was to give them some water to drink until lunchtime because I don't have the money to buy food for them. The children who skip breakfast cannot concentrate; they fall sick easily and have low weight…that is, until World Vision Foundation of Thailand steps in to oversee the children's diet. The children say that the donors are providing the money for their breakfast. I'm very happy not only because their stomachs are full, but also because they are receiving all the necessary nutrients. I am glad to see their smiles again and I am grateful for the donors.”

Mrs. Somsri Nonesiri
Child care teacher at Wat Sri Kaew child development center
Sirinthorn district, Ubonratchathani province

Kids and nutrition

• It is estimated that undernutrition is the underlying cause of between 35 and 50 percent of under-5 deaths. It causes low birth weight of newborns; underweight, wasting, and stunting of children; and micronutrient deficiencies of mothers and children.
•According to The Lancet, in children with vitamin A deficiency, the risk of dying from diarrhea, measles, and malaria is increased by 20 to 24 percent.
• In the early stages of life, particularly under age 2, undernourishment has irreparable effects. Lifelong cognitive and physical development is compromised and general immunity is decreased.
• 20 million children under age 5 suffer from wasting or become undernourished each year; as many as 1 million die. (WHO)
• 178 million children under age 5 suffer from stunting, a measure of chronic under nutrition and key predictor of lack of economic well being. (The Lancet)
• Iron deficiency impairs the mental development of more than 40 percent of the developing world's infants and reduces their chances of attending or finishing primary school. (WHO)

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