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30 April 2018

Opportunity Changes a Difficult Student to be Youth Leader (Read in Thai)

“Difficult Student” is not the dream student of many teachers because paying no attention to study, and having behavior to rebel against the rules which always displease teachers. The 14 years old adolescence named “Arrt” defined his own past and described, “I was overly attached to my friends and in every matter, I needed to ask the determination from my friends because I had no courage to make my own decision. Anytime my friends asked me to go out, I always hung out with them. But when was in the class, I had no courage to speak especially, speaking in front of the class which made me feel so embarrassed. I always went out to do a group report at the house of my friends and I had been a difficult student for a long time.”

That was yesterday’s story and no one knows what will happen tomorrow. But today that difficult student has changed to be a youth leader. From the turning point that gave opportunity to him as being a student in “Child Sponsorship Programme”, “The staffs of World Vision Foundation of Thailand (WVFT) called for a meeting at school and informed that there was a camping. At the first time, I didn’t want to join the camp because I would like to stay with my friends but because of being under the “Child Sponsorship Programme, I decided to attend the camp.” Arrt said.

Arrt started to get stress after he was considerate and agreed to attend the camp because he was worried about the forthcoming activities that needed to express himself, “ I was afraid to express myself. I didn’t dare to do it,” Art revealed his feeling in the past.

When it came to the atmosphere of the camp, all things that he was worried about were just like his own imagination, “I enjoyed having activities, working in the group and then I had the courage to express myself,” Arrt said with smile.

The impressive experience of attending camping motivated Arrt to join the next camping which organized by Thungwa Area Development Programme, Satun province, in order to develop skills of children in “Child Sponsorship Programme”. As in this camping, the shyness that had been obstructed the potential ability of Arrt was eliminated from his heart. His leadership has evolved outstandingly and his ability was noticed by the staffs of Thung Wa Area Development Programme.

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“The staffs of WVFT chose me to be a senior in the camp. I accepted this mission immediately and I was very excited,” Arrt told and proudly smiled.

From then on, Arrt had the opportunity to join the “Youth Leadership Skills Development” many times to enhance his leadership skills until he could step up from being a senior of the camp in subdistrict to join the group of youth leaders from other areas. “In the important days like Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, I and my friends in the village will join with Subdistrict Headman, Village Headman and parents to pick up the garbage in the village, on the road and in the temple. I feel good and enjoy doing social activities,” Arrt said with lively eye expression, “Today I have been accepted by teachers and friends.”

He grinned broadly and said, “If that day, I decided not to go to the camp, maybe I already stopped studying. Thank you the sponsors who give opportunity to me and Thank you the staffs from WVFT.”