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26 March 2019

The chicken or the egg? (Read in Thai)

What is the simplest egg menu that is not just edible? Whoever has a bite can’t help falling for its delectable taste, just like ‘Ohm’.

“Fried omelets!” Ohm revealed. “I can eat them every other day.” He strongly reaffirmed, “But every day would be too much.” He then said while laughing shyly.

Ohm sometimes makes fried omelets for himself and his little brother when his mother is busy, though his younger brother may prefer sweet brown eggs. Ohm’s fried omelets and other egg dishes are made from fresh eggs laid by the 10 chickens the family has been supported by Child Sponsorship Programme of World Vision Foundation of Thailand (WVFT) in Thung Wa Area Development Programmage.

“I love that our family has chickens to raise because we can collect eggs to eat. We don’t need to buy them,” said Ohm Every morning, Ohm takes his responsibility as the chicken feeder seriously. The task is not too difficult for a kid like him. The boy just uses a coconut shell bowl to scoop chicken feed from the sack, pours it on the feed container, and fills up the water containers. Then, all is done!

Not far from Ohm’s house lives Khing, who also have chickens. To Ohm’s observations, Khing’s chickens are different from his. Ohm has also heard that they are indigenous chickens supported by WVFT. Khing’s father has built a much larger coop for them to live in, saying that it was for them to range freely to feed themselves. However, Ohm always sees Khing help her father feed the chicken every evening after school.

Khing’s chickens also lay eggs like Ohm’s do, but her father hatches the eggs and raise chicks which will be sold when they are fully grown. She’s heard from the adult that during the Chinese New Year festival, the price of free range chickens could reach as high as 120 baht a kilogramme. So, Khing does not have fried omelets or sweet brown eggs made from eggs laid by the indigenous chickens to eat regularly, unless there are too many eggs than what her father needs.

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To raise chickens for egg consumption to cut household expense like what Ohm does; or to breed and sell the chickens to make money like what Khing does, the boy thinks both are good ways to help keep their parents’ pockets filled.