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20 March 2562

Glossy, No Greasy: Phikun and friends’ cleaning liquid (Read in Thai)

“Quality guarantee! Your dishes will be clean and shiny. All messy greases will be gone.” Phikun, 11, a girl in World Vision Foundation of Thailand (WVFT)’s Child Sponsorship Pro-gramme in Thong Pha Phum Area Development Programme, Kanchanaburi province, along with her 5th grade friends from a small local school, is shouting about benefits of their dishwashing liquid and multi-purpose cleaning liquid to invite folks in the market to buy the products that they have made and sold to generate income while schooling.

WVFT’s Child Sponsorship Programme has not only supported educational necessities to Phikun, as well as other sponsored children, but, thanks to the kindness from sponsors, also enabled Phikun and her friends to have more learning opportunities and develop essential life skills and vocational skills at school.

“I live with my parents and 2 elder sisters. I’m the youngest daughter. My parents work as farmers and hire hands to provide for me and my sisters. I really feel sorry for them. When my teacher and the WVFT staff told us there would be a vocational training, I got so interested. I’d like to help my parents earn money.” Phikun talked about the vocational skills promotion activity, which has equipped her friends and her with helpful knowledge.

Phikun and friends chose to learn how to make dishwashing liquid and multi-purpose cleaning liquid. It took them only 4 days to complete the course. The trainer, equipment and materials, and ingredients for production have been sufficiently provided by WVFT.

“The production is not difficult. It only takes the right amount of ingredients and a fragrant additive to make the product appealing. Once we’ve mastered it, my friends and I have set up a group to produce dishwashing liquid and multi-purpose cleaning liquid for sale. The homeroom teacher is our advisor. The supplies and ingredients have been provided by the WVFT staff. They told us that these would be our group’s start-up fund; once we could sell our products, we needed to manage our money and buy more ingredients for ourselves.” The girl elaborated on her break from selling the dishwashing liquid.

Phikun and friends have branded their dishwashing liquid ‘Glossy, No Greasy’ (translated from the meaning of the brand in Thai). The phrase is the product brand and well defines its advantages. The product was initially sold to the school’s canteen, and the group has been well supported continuously.

With the lower price and the ability to make dishes shiny and not greasy as suggested by its brand, recently Phikun and friends has scaled-up their sales through shops in the village and the community market. The teacher advisor has trained and coached them around keeping tracks of their income and expense.

“Our sales have increased, but the members haven’t received dividend yet, because we’ve saved the income for the group’s revolving fund to buy ingredients to make more dishwashing liquid. I’m so glad that I’ve started helping my parents save on household expense. I’m so thankful for the kindness from my sponsor, who has given me support and opportunity to learn about many things.” Phikun smiled before excusing herself to get back to selling her products.