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24 September 2018

Happy hens at Kanchanadit School (Read in Thai)

Music is a miraculous thing which helps us relaxed and fills our life with happiness. Many research results agree that hearing music of one’s preference definitely brings about positive impacts, even though effects from different genres of songs to one’s emotions may vary from person to person. As such, Mr Samorn Chueamkratok, a teacher at Kanchanadit School is inspired by the idea to play music while raising egg laying chickens in the school’s coop to keep them in a good mood and, thus, lay lots of eggs. But, how does the teacher know which style of music the clucking hens are into?

“I sometimes play pop and country music -- actually all types of music. The chickens enjoy all of them,” Teacher Samorn, the hen keepers, answered while chuckling.

The 76 happy-go-lucky hens in the chicken house at Kanchanadit School have been provided by Kanchanadit Area Development Programme, World Vision Foundation of Thailand (WVFT), as part of the school’s Lunch Project. Teacher Samorn talked about the project background, “The school has never raised chickens before, although we have been running lunch project. This is our first time. We’ve written a project proposal to WVFT because we have “The King’s Philosophy” club and would like for our students to gain more skills.”

Despite a first timer, Teacher Samorn is packed with tenacity. So, every morning before the school assembly to sing the national anthem, one will vaguely hear music from the chicken house as soon as Teacher Samorn shows up there to supervise students feeding and giving water to the chickens. Then, the hens start clucking loudly and indistinctively along the tunes.

This morning, Teacher Samorn has Phrae and Beam, the 8th graders in The King’s Philosophy Club to help feed and give water to the chickens, as well as to collect eggs. At noon, these kids will be on duty again.

“We feed them twice a day,” said Phrae while pouring chicken feed in the feeder containers. “I also raise some chickens at home. I adapt knowledge learnt from school at home, too.”

With good attentiveness, the hens lay more and more eggs every day. The eggs are sold by Teacher Samorn through Line for 2.50 baht each. Most customers are teachers and parents. Sometimes market vendors would come all the way to the school to buy them.

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“About income from the sales, the school gives dividend of 0.50 baht per egg to the students responsible for chicken raising while 2 baht goes to the school fund which supports students who face financial problems and cannot afford to buy food or clothes. When the school organises a Boy Scouts camp, these eggs will be cooked to feed the students,” Teacher Samorn elaborated.

To look after the chickens during school breaks, Teacher Samorn would assign a student whose house is the nearest to school to feed and give them water and collect eggs to sell at Kanchanadit Hospital market place in exchange of the remuneration of 680 baht.

“I personally love this project as it benefits students in every way. Thank you so much for this support,” Teacher Samorn said while reaching to turn the music up a little.