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22 May 2018

Mom’s Vegetable Farm Makes Jagjan Happy (Read in Thai)

“Jagjan” as she is fondly called, shows a basket brimming with huge chicken eggs and with smiles on her face. “My mother and I collect chicken eggs every morning. Mom prepares some for us to eat and the rest is washed and set aside in trays to be sold,” said Jagjan.

She added, “We also sell organic vegetables. Vendors come to us to buy them fresh from our garden.”

Jagjan’s family consists of her mom Ing-on, her grandma, father, elder sister and her. They live in Sa Kaeo province. Both of her parents are local laborers without a regular source of income and this family of five attested that they experience hunger from time to time and have never imagined about achieving wellness at all.

Things began to change when they came to know World Vision’s “Child Sponsorship Pro-gramme” in Aranyaprathet District of Sa Kaeo a few years back.

“My two daughters received ample help from their sponsors to cover their school expenses and supplies. Now my eldest daughter is in 3rd year at a vocational college while Jagjan is in Grade 3,” said Ing-orn.

In addition to the educational support that the two girls receives, Jagjan’s mom and dad were able to hone their farming skills through livelihood trainings initiated by World Vision. They applied these agricultural skills in their small farm lot, enriching their garden beds through the knowledge they gained about organic composting and fertilizing the soil naturally. Not long after, their vegetable harvests flourished and the whole family boosted their health from eating pesticide-free vegetables.

The organic farm became a sustainable food source for Ing-on’s entire household. “Jagjan spends her free time helping us plant Chinese mustard green, lettuce, kale and chili in the farm. She also sells the freshly harvested greens when school is out.”

World Vision provided more than what they expected. From agricultural skills training, vegetable seeds, farming equipment, up to egg-laying chickens, “My husband and I don’t have to shell-out a cent; we just need to sweat out our own labor.”

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Mrs. Ing-on is amenable that farming is more tiring than working outside as hired hands, but it is enabling her and her husband to have a regular income while having more time to look after children compared to their previous work. She said, “We rotate the vegetable crops so have something ready to sell all the time. With it, I get about 400-600 baht daily by selling both vegetables and eggs to in the village. I also have a regular buyer who gets the fresh produce at home. Thank you to the sponsors who kindly help my children. I am grateful to World Vision for helping us achieve a life of sufficiency that gives a better life to our family.”

“My Mom and Dad are able to earn money daily so I also receive enough to be able to go to school every day,” Jagjan added, while she grins with happiness brought about by their smallholder farm.