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10 January 2020

‘Fluke’, a youth volunteer from Ban Nam Khem (Read in Thai)

‘I have developed myself gradually based on what I have learned from the camps that World Vision provides to sponsored children. I have attended most of them. Last year, I was chosen to represent Takua Pa Project to join the World Vision Youth Leadership Camp and to select the Southern Region World Vision Youth Council members’, Tawan, or ‘Fluke’, talked about how he has become a World Vision youth core leader.

‘He has an outstanding character and is an eloquent speaker’, said Parichat Choosak, Takua Pa Project staff.

Fluke lives in Ban Nam Khem Community, Takua Pa district, Phangnga province, one of the areas severely damaged by the tsunami in late 2004.

‘I was 1 year old at that time. I was at home with my grandmother. My mother had gone to work while my father and grandfather had gone out to sea. My grandfather did not survive, nor did my grandmother. I have survived because somebody tossed me up onto a tree’, said Fluke.

World Vision Foundation of Thailand (WVFT) was one of the organisations that provided emergency response and rehabilitation support to tsunami victims in Ban Nam Khem. The intervention has later transformed into a development programme under the name of Takua Pa Project.

That was how Fluke became a sponsored child of the Child Sponsorship Programme, which happened when he was a primary school pupil. He has had opportunities to regularly attend life skills camps. He said: ‘When I went to a camp for the first time, I was just like other kids, keeping quiet and reserved. But it got better and better as I have joined more and more camps. My parents were glad about this. They totally encourage me to go to these camps’.

Having absorbed the volunteer spirit and witnessed the disaster vigilance activities run annually in his community since he was young, Fluke has decided to join the Ban Nam Khem Community Disaster Preparedness Volunteer Team and never missed other local volunteer activities.

‘I have worked with my fellows in the youth council to set up a water donation station to supply drinking water for athletes who attend rowing races held at the navy base in Thap Lamu. I love doing volunteer work’, Fluke said firmly at the end. He grinned to show his white teeth and kept going: ‘I give WVFT 80% and the youth council 20% credit for my way of thinking’.

But if you wish to see a broader smile and more teeth of his, you may ask him to say something about his participation in the 2019 National World Vision Youth Forum: Good Thought, Power of Creativity, Positive Youth.

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‘I was so glad to have an opportunity to join this event. Everything was fantastic. I was also proud that the play in which I took the role of the president of the council got positive criticism. I think it was because the concept of our acts was different from those of other groups’.

Fluke has also left word for other young people: ‘When we do something, we must always think about our future and avoid taking a wrong step that will lead to further problems, for instance, getting involved in drug abuse, sexual relationship, violence, and online media addiction’.

In the future, Fluke, born and raised by the coastal area, has a dream to serve the country in the Royal Thai Navy.