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18 April 2018

Giving is Happier than Receiving (Read in Thai)

The moon still shined while the boiling brown sauce stewed pork cooked in a big pot had a good smell. Kesarin hummed softly to herself as she prepared steamed rice with brown sauce stewed pork and bananas picked yesterday for a Monday breakfast at Banphalae Child Development Centre.

Kesarin or nicknamed “Kru Bood” ( Kru is a Thai word means Teacher) not only dedicates herself wholeheartedly to her beloved work and 18 students but also volunteers herself to prepare breakfast for children. She punctiliously selects the raw materials, cleans vegetables and chooses the cooking methods that maintains the nutrition fact most. This beneficial knowledge is from the training of “Child Nutrition Program” organized by Phayapipak Area Development Programme, WVFT, Chiang Rai province, in order to enhance teachers the skill of being child caretakers and preparing nutritious food to children to support their growth and development.

Kru Bood said about the important benefit received from the training, “ I got a lot of knowledge that is beneficial to child care such as the perfect amount of rice, vegetable and meat that children require each day and also having a knowledge to avoid MSG and clean vegetables without contaminated toxin such as washing each leaf of cabbage and avoid chopping the cabbage before cleaning because the toxin will be absorbed through it’s texture.”

Most of little kids in Banphalae village have a lot of siblings and their parents cannot provide the five basic food groups to them each day due to the poverty of families and the lack of knowledge in child care.

Phayapipak Area Development Programme, WVFT, has developed the well-being of children and processed the “Breakfast for Kids Project” to reduce the malnutrition of needy children in Child Development Centre. The “Breakfast for Kids Project” has organized to encourage villagers the awareness of child care and enhancing the good nutritional status to children in order to develop their growth physically and intellectually.

The breakfast menu of Kru Bood will be rotated to avoid tiresome food but every menu will be calculated the enough of amount and five basic nutrition fact for children.

Kru Bood told the cheerful story of a girl named Napassorn or nicknamed Oong Ink that previously the girl came to school without having breakfast and she had been grumpy causing no interest in studying. But after having breakfast at the centre, the girl has enjoyed eating and become a happy girl having more laughter and smile. The girl is healthier and has increasing weight. Everyday she enjoys coming to school in the early morning and her parents are very glad that the girl has gained her weight.

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“Thank you to the sponsors of WVFT! and Thank you on behalf of the children! The Breakfast for Kids Project is very good increasing a nourishing and strong health to needy children and also relieves the burden of their parents.” Kru Bood smiled happily.

In addition to the “Breakfast for Kids Project”, the Phayapipak Area Development Programme also supported the water purifier to Banphalae Child Development Centre purposing to supply the healthy clean drinking water to children.