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15 May 2018

Chicken, Pig and the First Math Teacher of Ban Pha Bong (Read in Thai)

Mae Hong Son Area Development Programme, World Vision Foundation of Thailand (WVFT) has opened the door to bring well-being to needy children and families by decreasing family expenses, creating careers, supporting household farming by giving chicken breeds and piglets to the families of children through Child Sponsorship Programme and finally, increasing income by selling the grown up chickens and pigs.

The boy named “Surapas” and nicknamed “Kan” lived with his mother in a village in Pha Bong subdistrict with the poverty-stricken childhood. His mother was unhealthy but she had to work hard as a worker to earn 150 baht per day but this amount of income had never been enough for food and school expenses. Whenever the mother was sick, she had to tolerate the pain until the illness had relieved without receiving the treatment from doctor because of having no money. She also did not have enough money to buy school supplies and uniforms to her son.

Kan’s teacher nominated the boy to receive the help through Child Sponsorship Programme and Kan has received kindness from the sponsor to support his education from elementary school to bachelor degree.

Since then, the boy has been sponsored in his tuition fee, school supplies and uniforms including developing his life skills by attending the Youth Development Camp and participating any extracurricular activities to enhance his knowledge consistently.

Kan’s mother also received the career support to increase income by receiving the local breeds of 50 chickens and 1 pig and the seeds of home-grown vegetables. This household farming has helped Kan’s family to decrease expenses and increase income, thereby his family has better well-being with enough food and increasing income continuously.

The WVFT programme also trained Kan’s mother the knowledge of raising chickens and pigs to accomplish a profitable farming. His family has saved the cost of fertilizer for home-grown vegetable plots by using the pig manure.

For many years of breeding, the amount of chickens and pigs have been increased and each generation of pigs have created the income of 2,000-4,000 baht and Kan’s mother always separates the money to buy the new piglet to breed and sell when it grows up as a turnover.

“I’m very glad to receive the help both for my son education and the training of breeding chickens and pigs until I can support the education of my son and he doesn’t need to stop studying. Thank you very much,” expressed from the heart of Kan’s mother.

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Kan is a good boy and diligent student. He has the ambition to be the first math teacher of Ban Pha Bong village with the intention to teach mathematics to children in remote area.

“Previously, my mother didn’t have money and I didn’t think that I would have a chance to have higher education. I am glad that my mother has good income and I have a chance to study in university. Thank you very much,” Kan also added, “Each time mother earns money from selling pigs and chickens, she will give money to me for my education expenses and she also keeps a portion of her savings when needed.”

Kan’s dream is not far away. Currently, he is studying mathematics in the 4th year, Faculty of Education, Chiang Rai Rajabhat University.

“Thanks to the sponsor for the career support which helps me has better income and is able to support the higher education of my son. And Thank you for giving school supplies and uniforms to him. This kind support has helped me a lot to ease my burden,” Kan’s mother said with a smile.