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4 September 2018

Grey Sedge Coasters, Hand-made out of Thankful Hearts (Read in Thai)

Deeply touched by sponsors’ generosity pouring down through World Vision Foundation of Thailand ‘s Gift Catalogue, which has supported the school with new learning materials to replace the damaged ones due to the southern flood early last year, repaired the school building to resume its learning-enabling environment, and provided sewing machines to promote students’ occupational skills training -- teachers, parents and students in Ban Noen Thammang School have joined hands to make 20,000 grey sedge coasters as their tokens of appreciation for all kind sponsors.

It has been weeks that the students, especially “Pla”, “Bee” and “Fon”, the sixth graders, have spent their free time aside from schooling on grey sedge wickerwork. With their expertise, their fingers on both hands were working in unison to meticulously interlace the vertical and horizontal grey sedge stripes to a perfect woven pattern.

“My granny taught me how to do it.” Pla talked about how she got her grey sedge wicker skill.

It took the girls 3 days to weave grey sedge stripes into a wicker sheet, which would then be finished and sundried. After that, the wicker sheet would be carefully cut into little circle shapes, which would then be hemmed by parents with sewing machines. And there they are… the coasters made with attentiveness in every step!

“We hope sponsors will love the coasters we’ve made!” The kids said.

Ms Kularp Phakdimai, the teacher at Ban Noen Thammang School who has overseen and advised children to make grey sedge coasters said, “I’d like to thank all sponsors for supporting our school. Thanks to WVFT, too, for giving the school an opportunity to make the gifts for the sponsors. We are so proud. The community members have already practiced grey sedge weaving as their occupational skill, which has generated income for children and parents.”

Children earned 200 baht for weaving a wicker sheet, 100 baht for finishing it and 2 baht for cutting each circle shape out of it. Parents earned 3 baht for hemming a coaster.

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“Any child who weaves the whole sheet all by themselves gets paid with the full wage for making one wicker sheet. If many children help each other weave a sheet, they will split their shares themselves. Who works more gets paid more. The money they make goes to the school’s savings project.” Teacher Kularp explained, then turned to ask Pla, “What will you spend your money on?”

“I’ll save it to pay for my secondary education,” said Pla with a big smile.

Teacher Kularp said with a bigger smile, “There’s more! School can also pay for the school building tiling, too.”