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5 April 2019

iTWiST contributes to Tha Song Yang Sufficiency and Well-Being Community Project fund. (Read in Thai)

Mr Eak Putagotirat, Co-Founder & CEO of iTWiST Company Limited, a leader in telecommunication technology which enables accurate, fast, and economical corporate communication through SMS service, has handed over the donation of 50,000 baht to support #Tha Song Yang Sufficiency and Well-Being Community Project, implemented by #World Vision Foundation of Thailand (WVFT). On this occasion, Dr Bunjongsek Supsopha, Assistant National Director – Marketing and Fundraising, has represented WVFT to receive the donation.

The donation from iTWiST will contribute to the fund which supports the Tha Song Yang Sufficiency and Well-Being Community Project, aiming to develop and solve pressing problems for this hilltop community in Tak province. The fund is meant to enable children and families in this community to have transformational development through #educational necessity enhancement and #instructional material improvement. It also helps impoverished schools and families to achieve #sufficiency agriculture, which promotes food source security and supports #Breakfast for Kids Project, which ensures that children have nutrient-complete breakfast to eat every morning to fulfill their learning days. In addition, the donation contributes to #toilet construction and #community water supply improvement to give children, families, and community access to clean water for use and consumption.

This kindness shared by iTWiST is another message which reaffirms that #your kindness counts in making a difference to life of the impoverished children, families, and community. On behalf of the underprivileged people in Tha Song Yang, WVFT highly thank you for this generosity.