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8 March 2018

The Letter (Read in Thai)

The letter from Auntie Rat that was sent to Siriporn after her graduation around one year ago motivated her to pursue her career in developer field effectively. The content in the letter from Auntie Rat focuses on congratulating to the new graduates in the faculty of Business, Maejo University. Auntie Rat also send her a book name ‘Pra Ong Phu Song Dham’ that wrote by Dr.Thon Thamrongnawasawaut along with the graduation letter. She keeps all the letter that Auntie Rat sent to her. The most impressive quote from Auntie Rat that she really like is “If we consider our King Rama 9 as a role model in term of working, the result of our work will be good and beneficial to the society.” Auntie Rat also wish her to be happy with what she is working for and don’t forget to study more about other knowledge. Therefore, Siriporn wrote back Auntie Rat a letter telling that “Thank you for your kindness that you have been giving to me since I was young. Todays, I have a chance to help the student in the same way as you help me before and I am very happy with this. In order to do something in return, I will be a good person to you and the society.” Even though she is already graduated but nah Rat still write a letter to her about what’s going on in her life and giving a good suggestion to her.

Siriporn has lose her mom and dad since she was very young. She lived with her grandmother and aunt in Maetang, Chiangmai. At that time, her family was very poor so she have to help her family in every task that she can.

Siriporn has a chance to get to know Auntie Rat (her patron) through the project of development Maetang by World Vision Foundation of Thailand. When they first met, Siriporn was studying in the kindergarten. Since that, Auntie Rat started to support her in very step of her life and she always make Auntie Rat proud of her in return by being a good girl and represent good grades in studying. Moreover, the project of development Maetang also support her family in term of agriculture occupation for example raising hen, plant mushroom and fishing. And these things have been bettering the living of her family since then.

Todays, she is a team member of the project of development Maetang. As she have been receiving the chances since she was young. Therefore, when she grow up and has a chance to help others, she intentionally do it with heart as she want her society to be well- developed.