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28 August 2019

The happiness of Tern with his Creative Learning Corner for Home-Based Literacy Promotion (Read in Thai)

‘Story, please...’ Tern, a 5-year-old boy, passes a storybook to his grandmother and leans against her, begging for a storytelling.

Tern loves stories, just like other kids do, because they are full of entertaining accounts. Once finding something enjoyable, he cannot have enough of it, no matter how many times it has already been told. Among many storybooks sitting on the bookshelf, usually called by people visiting his house as the Creative Learning Corner for Home-Based Literacy Promotion, Pinocchio, the long-nose wooden puppet, is his favourite.

Tern heard his mother telling his grandmother happily that the storybooks and other learning materials at this corner have been supported by World Vision Foundation of Thailand (WVFT). Besides keeping Tern and Nam (Tern’s older sister) calm and quiet for hours so they would not bother their mother and grandmother, the corner also cultivates reading habits in the siblings. Although Tern cannot read yet, he can simply turn the pages to see pictures in this and that storybooks for his entertainment. His sister, Nam, has started to read on her own. She loves the story of two goats; Tern saw her reading it over and over.

Aside from storybooks, at this favourite corner of Tern and Nam, there are spelling flashcards and Snakes and Ladders board game made by their mother after she has joined the Celebrating Families and Reading Promotion, carried out by WVFT’s Pak Phanang Tawantok Project. She said she had gained ample of knowledge from the training and were able to utilise them in developing skills for Tern and Nam. Her daughter loves spelling and always shows her how to spell different words. She always commends Nam for her spelling talent. The mother also told Tern that one day he’d be able to do it too. Tern would really like to be as good as his older sister.

Tern, Nam, and their mother love this corner of their house. Their grandmother is equally happy about it because there are many storybooks for her to grab and read to her grandson without having to figure out what story to choose like before.

Tern would like to hear a story now! He does not hesitate to pick a storybook for his grandmother to read for him: ‘What story should I pick for Grandma to read for me today? How about Pinocchio?’

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The Creative Learning Corner for Home-Based Literacy Promotion is an initiative under WVFT’s Literacy Hand in Hand Project which promotes families to have higher awareness of the importance of their children’s education and to be equipped with knowledge and understanding to enhance 7-12 year-old children to develop standardised level of literacy. The project also provides literacy supplementary materials for families to encourage parents and kids to spend quality time together at the creative learning corner, which simultaneously promotes a loving home environment, tightens family tide, and develops children’s learning.