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14 January 2563

Literacy-Boosting Library (Read in Thai)

After finish eating at the lunch break, pupils at Wat Pha Sukawat School are usually playing with one another and making loud noises all over the place. Yet, there is a corner for solitude seekers to hide away from the clamour. That place is the library.

The library of Wat Pha Sukawat School is a one-story building with lots of windows around for good ventilation. Therefore, it provides a perfect atmosphere for reading. A range of reading materials may be found in the library, from general reading to storybooks. All categories of the reading materials are carefully selected to promote pupils’ education development and reading skills. The construction of this building and the library was supported by World Vision Foundation of Thailand (WVFT)’s Sathing Phra Project, Songkhla province 4 years ago to replace the previous makeshift library that had been modified from a classroom.

It was Tuesday. Behind the counter table by the library’s entrance sat ‘Un’ and ‘Prae-ploy’.

‘Prae-ploy and I are the librarians. Our duties include cleaning and organising books, as well as keeping the circulation log’, Un introduced herself while Prae-ploy nodded along and said, ‘We are members of the Library Club. We volunteer to fulfil these positions because we love reading. I like Aesop’s fables’.

The Library Club, which Prae-ploy mentioned and took part in, is a strategic initiative developed by Wat Pha Sukawat School, with a goal to create pupils’ awareness of the significance of the library. The school has also included a lesson about how to use a library in the Citizenship subject.

One of the little librarians gave a brief report on the operations: ‘The library is visited by pupils who come to read every day. Some of them check the books out for continued reading at home’. She kept talking in a serious tone and explained the circulation rules: ‘I’ll have them write their names and return dates in the circulation log. Overdue books are subject to the fine of 1 baht per day’.

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This brought a smile to Ms Ornchuma Ngarmpradit, a teacher at Wat Pha Sukawat School. She said, ‘We would like to thank WVFT for fulfilling our school’s library with diverse reading materials. Pupils can use the library in their research for extracurricular knowledge. They enjoy reading more and receive literacy enhancement at the same time’.

As a matter of fact, the library does not only open the window to the world of reading for Wat Pha Sukawat School pupils but also functions as a reading laboratory after its renovation. It might not be wrong to claim that this Sathing Phra Project’s achievement kills two birds with one stone.