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6 September 2018

Literacy, a stepping stone for ‘Natdanai’ to develop skills and learning (Read in Thai)

With full awareness of the importance of “education”, which would transform lives of children from impoverished families and communities towards sustainable well-being when they grow up, Child Sponsorship Programme, World Vision Foundation of Thailand (WVFT) has promoted the development of all sponsored children in all 79 current area development programmes in 42 provinces nationwide. An array of support includes provision of educational necessities for children, promotion for teachers and educational institutes to have teaching readiness, and creation of parent and community engagement in child educational promotion, with an ultimate goal to equip all children with literacy to enable them to further develop their skills and pursue higher level of education, just like what’s happened to Natdanai or Dimon, a sponsored child in Soeng Sang Area Development Programme, Nakhon Ratchasima province.

Natdanai or Dimon, a 6-year-old boy was considered a slow learner as he could hardly read or catch up with his classmates. “I didn’t want to go to school. I didn’t understand what they taught,” said Dimon.

With the generosity pouring down from his sponsor through WVFT’s Child Sponsorship Programme, Dimon has not only received necessary supplies for his education, but also supported to improve and solve literacy problem, one of critical situations among children in Soeng Sang Area Development Programme.

Ms Chalermphorn Yophandung, his teacher, said “Teachers have been provided with training on classroom management and making of instructional materials. The school has also been supported with teaching and learning media. Thank you so much. About Dimon, I saw that he was a slow learner and didn’t look lively in class, so I’ve paid special attention to him. I’ve applied the knowledge I got from the training both in the normal class and in the after-school tutorial session. The children have gradually picked up the learning. I don’t expect them to be the best but just to be able to read, so that they can apply their literacy skills in learning other classes.”

Aside from school’s role, education development also takes parents’ cooperation. As such, WVFT and school teachers have collaborated to build understanding among parents whose children are slow learners. “I’ve invited parents to discuss on their children’s learning and asked for their cooperation, so that at home parents can help encourage their children to do homework, to read, or at least talk about how they’re doing at school,” said Teacher Chalermphorn.

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“After talking with the teacher, I’ve started to spend more time with my kid. But I don’t have much education, so I can’t teach him much. I simply ask him to read for me. Nowadays every evening after school, Dimon does his homework beside me. When he gets it done he’ll show me his homework. He loves to write calligraphy and show it to me. I’m glad to see that he loves studying. I’d like him to have high level of education. In August the teacher asked me to go to school the get the result of my son’s literacy assessment. Dimon’s reading was at ‘very good’ level, while writing was at ‘good’ level,” said Dimon’s mother with a smile and tears of joy. She added “The time I’ve dedicated for my kid, though not much, it’s really worth it. Thank you very much.”

The happiness is found not only with the mother or the teacher, but also with Natdanai himself. “I’m so happy. I love going to school. The teacher is so nice and kind enough to teach me and make my reading much more improved. I love to read for my mom. Mom said I had nice handwriting, too. I’ve won the first prize in the first graders’ calligraphy contest. Mom likes watching me doing homework,” Dimon shared his happiness.