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2 April 2019

Natjarin, the nursing assistant who never stops passing on her love (Read in Thai)

It is a fact that our country is full of talented and capable youth. Not because of her vulnerabilities, but her view point that is not “childish” of a 21-year-old young woman who, following in her mother’s footsteps, has actively explored all aspects of her village’s way of being and taken actions in advocating for the rights children deserve, the ‘voice’ of Fon has been acknowledged from many forums, both at school and community.

Apart from being a nursing assistant at Chat Trakan Hospital, Pisanulok province, Fon, or Natjarin, has also served as a youth leader of World Vision Foundation of Thailand (WVFT) in Ban Na Poe Village. She has collaborated with the relevant authorities to play roles in community development by serving as a trainer who provides knowledge about child and elderly health and drug prevention among student. She asserted that it didn’t take higher education to do all these things.

“Other kids may feel embarrassed if their parents are farmers, but I don’t. I’m proud of them as they have invested their own labour in doing sufficiency professions to raise me. Whatever which helps lessen their burdens is the first thing I’ll do. We need to find out what our happiness is. For me, I love being a nursing assistant.”

Fon heard about Child Sponsorship Programme for the first time from her homeroom teacher when she was in grade 4. Later, she has been introduced to Ms Mayurachat, her sponsor, who has extended her kindness to support Fon’s schooling. After she completed grade 12, her parents got divorced. At first, Fon didn’t want to pursue higher education like other kids do. Part of this was due to her concern for her mother, who told Fon to think more about herself, and that she’d be fine. Fon told her mother that she’d be a selfish person to pursue higher education as it meant her mother would need to work harder. Finally, Fon has changed her mind. She wrote an essay to apply for WVFT’s Bachelor’s Degree Project. She chose to join a nursing assistant programme because she’d be employed right away at the course completion. However, Fon has an intendion to get a bachelor’s degree in nursing to become a registered nurse in the future.

“I’m glad that I have been supported with equipment and supplies for studying. Without the sponsorship, we must have been in much trouble. I might have left school or been in debt to pay for my schooling. The education fund I’ve received has greatly lessened my mother’s burdens, especially on my tuition and daily expenses.” Fon mentioned how the education fund has benefited her to have an opportunity to pursue higher education.

Fon, at her 21 years of age, graduated from College of Nursing, Nan province with a Certificate of Nursing Assistant in Academic Year 2015. After her graduation, she spent 2 years working at Mahaesak Hospital, Bangkok. Last year, she started working in her hometown as a nursing assistant at Chat Trakan Hospital, Pisanulok province. She works happily because she loves what she does. Fon loves to help taking care of patients. Her responsibility is to pass on the love, the love once forwarded to her by Ms Mayurachat, her sponsor. Now she passes it on to her patients and their families, as well as her supervisors and colleagues, everyone she’s met.

Fon has a happy life today. She’s proud of her work, which helps other people and is an honorable job. Ten years of WVFT’s support has enabled her to utilise her knowledge in helping patients and other people.

“Thank you sponsor for having supported our family through these 10 years. My daughter could go to school. She’s very happy.” Boh, Fon’s mother, said with a smile.

Fon was a sponsored child of World Vision Foundation of Thailand and was in the first batch of children joining the Child Sponsorship Programme in Chat Trakan Area Development Programme, Pisanulok province. So far, Fon has graduated and got a career. Her mother has become a committee member who works with WVFT staff to help pass on the support from sponsors to other children in the programme to improve the quality of life of children, families, and communities. What Fon’s mother does as a committee member is building understanding with parents and children to create their awareness of the importance of education, so that they won’t give up and drop out of school due to life difficulties. In addition, Fon and her mother have played an important role with WVFT and the programme staff in providing knowledge about child protection in the village, school, and communities, and served as volunteers to promote activities which help sponsored children and other community children develop life skills. “My mother and I would like to return the favour for what we’ve received from our sponsorship. We focus on teaching children to hang out with good friends and keep away from drugs. I think it takes all of us to implant these ideas in our children’s minds,” Fon wrapped up.