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15 February 2018

"Love is giving." This is how ‘Mrs. Phuangphen Patikorn' or ‘Pat' defines the word ‘love' (Read in Thai)

No matter what definition people give to define the word ‘love,' but for Pat - Phuangphen Patikorn "love means to give without condition." She always keeps her love's definition in mind and this is the reason why she is being happy. Pat also shares her happiness with the kid who has less chance in life through WVFT’s Child Sponsorship Project.

In the past seventeen years, Pat started her journey of being a sponsor by reading the letter that was sent to her by World Vision Foundation of Thailand. As she finished reading the letter, she decided to join WVFT’s Child Sponsorship Project.

"For me, sponsoring children are planting a tree. The kid is a seed and we are a fertilizer. We have to watering it everyday with love to make the tree constantly stand by it own root,"said Mrs. Patikorn. However, not every tree we plant will constantly stand by its own root. Pat also mentioned about her first sponsor children to unexpectedly leave the project because he didn't continue studying. Therefore, WVFT gives this chance to another children who is waiting for it which is Nong Nat- A dithev, a fourteen years old boy, from Kaeng Hang Maeow, Chantaburi Province.

"I sponsored Nong Nat since he was 7 years old. There were two times that I had a chance to meet him in person. The only thing I intended to tell him was to focus on studying, not to give up easily because the success in life comes from the knowledge you gain from school." Stated by Mrs. Patikorn. "I will be fully supporting his tuition fee until he graduated from University. Also, when it comes to special occasions such as his birthday or other activities, I will be there to encourage him. In his latest birthday, I gave him money to spend on whatever he wants and he wrote me back a thank you letter. In thank you letter, he mentioned about the money that I gave to him that he has deposited it into the bank. It is better to create the sense of saving for him, which would consequently give security in his life." She added with a happy face.

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"Nong Nat means a son to me. He is like one of the family members that we want him to has a better life quality. I will always be here for him. Whenever he wanted something, he can always tell me as I want him to have a better living and better opportunities. I have done my job in term of creating the sense of sharing in him, which I am looking forward to seeing he passing on." Said Mrs. Patikorn.