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22 January 2018

Phuket International Airport Makes Donations to Support World Vision Thailand’s Work for the Third Year (Read in Thai)

Mr Phet Chan-charoen, Director of Phuket International Airport, Airports of Thailand Public Co., Ltd donated 30,000 Baht to World Vision Foundation of Thailand (WVFT), represented by its Phuket staff, Mrs Niruemon Sawengwit. The contribution is for supporting WVFT’s projects and is raised from local as well as international tourists who spared their money through Phuket International Airport’s donation boxes placed around the airport. The handover took place at Phuket International Airport on 26 December, 2017.

Additionally, there are 18 other charity organisations that also received donations of 30,000 Baht each. Phuket International Airport has been running this activity for the Third year.