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9 March 2018

“Mor Pom” and A Dream Come True (Read in Thai)

“The easy method to look after oral health properly are as follows. All students have to clean your mouth regularly. This is to be emphasized that “Cleaning your mouth.” When we brush our teeth, we have to clean all teeth, gums, tongue and cheeks. We should use fluoride toothpaste and brush our teeth two minutes long twice a day. Then our mouth and teeth will be clean, healthy and durable.”

“Mor Pom” or Miss Maliwan Khampan (nickname “Pom”) explained and demonstrated proper brushing technique to school children during her visit to promote dental hygiene knowledge. (Remark: “Mor” is a name that Thai people use when calling a person who works in health treatment such as doctor, veterinarian, dentist, dental hygienist, etc.)

Working as a dental hygienist in her hometown at “Khon Chim” Sub-district Health Promoting Hospital, Waeng Yai district, Khon Kaen province, is like a dream come true for “Mor Pom”. “It’s too far than I’ve thought I could reach for it.” Pom said delightfully.

“Mor Pom” grew up in an impoverished family. When she was a girl, she had a dream in having high education and better life but the dream of a little girl had to be stopped when her father had a serious illness and got a blindness finally.

“My father got a blindness since I was studying in grade 3. Then the family became poverty stricken and my mother had to work to earn family living and she also had to look after the father who lost his eyesight. At that time, I still could go to school but I’ve never hoped to have a higher education.” “Mor Pom” said.

But the compassion of a sponsor brightened up the girl life. “It’s very good luck that I’ve received a kindhearted help from a sponsor to continuously support my studying from grade 4 to graduate in bachelor degree.”

The generosity that the girl received through the Child Sponsorship Project of World Vision Foundation of Thailand (WVFT) kindly helped her family also. Waeng Yai Project Area in Khon Kaen province supported supplementary occupation to her mother and helped her mother got enough income in supporting the girl and looking after her sightless father. The increasing income of her mother helped “Pom” could follow her dream to have higher education without causing much burden to family.

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A good will brought “Mor Pom” to pass the exam and became a student in Faculty of Public Health, Khon Kaen University. “I would like to study in the field that my knowledge can help my community, family and myself. More importantly, I don’t want to work in other area. I would like to work at my hometown so I can look after my parents and help people in my community also.” This is the intention of “Mor Pom”.

Today, Mor Pom’s dream has already fulfilled. The day that she has not visited school or village to promote dental hygiene knowledge, “Mor Pom” will give a dental treatment service at “Khon Chim” Sub-district Health Promoting Hospital.

“Mor Pom” is most proud of her working that help people in remote area to have good oral health by her treatment and advice.

“Thank you, the sponsor and World Vision Foundation of Thailand (WVFT) that gave me a chance. If I haven’t got a chance and support from you, I don’t know whether I can reach the target or not.”

The next dream of “Mor Pom” is “I am saving money to be a budget of further education.”