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13 June 2018

Sasiwimon and her “Funtastic” Learning (Read in Thai)

“I got A’s in both Thai and math classes!” Sasiwimon is a sixth grader in Ban Nong Chat School. The girl is sponsored under Child Sponsorship Project of World Vision Foundation of Thailand in the implementing area of Sirindhorn Area Development Program in Ubon Ratchathani province. She proudly bragged about her grades in last semester. “I did poorly at school before. I couldn’t catch up with my friends. But now my classmates and I do much better in class!” The chatterbox kept going.

Promotion of children’s learning development, especially in reading, writing and numeracy skills, is one of the important activities conducted by WVFT’s Child Sponsorship Project to build preparedness for children in early childhood and primary school level and to fortify their educational foundation to enable their pursuit of higher education.

Teachers from Ban Nong Chat School, as well as from other 21 schools in the coverage area of Sirindhorn Area Development Program, have attended training in which they gained innovative teaching ideas and techniques. They have also visited a model school to learn about its child literacy development exemplar. In addition, the teachers have been capacitated in making instructional tools out of the locally-available and easy-to-source materials, which better attract students’ attention. The combination of the inventive teaching techniques and a variety of the instructional tools revives the recitation-based classroom and fills the air with songs, smiles with the mixture of children’s laughers, while students are building up their knowledge along the edutainment process.

Outside reading books on miscellaneous knowledge, which tell stories through vivid pictures, have been provided to Sasiwimon’s school to serve as another means to cultivate reading lover habit and to supplement numeracy knowledge for the girl and her friends.

Sasiwimon and other children in Child Sponsorship Project, as well as her other schoolmates have also received learning skills development alike, particularly in literacy and numeracy, through Academic Camp on Reading and Numeracy Promotion, conducted in the form of learning bases by subject. Teachers from various schools have worked in a joint effort to educate children through this edutainment event. “It was so much fun. I got to go to the 7-day academic camp with my schoolmates and students from other school as well. Each day I learned new things from different teachers. I loved it a lot!” The girl talked about the “funtastic” learning she experienced.

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The innovative teaching techniques and instructional materials, the enjoyable learning activities which bring smiles on children’s faces, as well as the knowledge enhancement camp and imagination stimulating books supported to the school by WVFT’s Child Sponsorship Project have finally resulted in children’s better academic outcomes.

“I’m so glad that I’m a sponsored child. I got the sponsor who are always supportive. I got to go to school. I got the textbooks, school bag, notebooks, and all nice pen and pencils to use. When I was told about my exam result by the teacher, I was ecstatic to get A’s in both math and Thai classes. Many of my friends got A’s, too. The teacher also told me that I passed the literacy test as well.” The talkative girl shared the feeling from her heart with us.

The girl did not forget to thank for the help she received. “I wish good activities like these continue on, so that the younger kids will also receive more knowledge. I would like to thank all sponsors for giving such good opportunities to my friends and me.”