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23 March 2018

Fundamental Education of children in Sop Moei (Read in Thai)

As from the opening date of Ban Huai Muang School over 30 years ago, today the school has the biggest celebration of the year. Teachers and students look very happy with smiling faces watching a new school building which is ready for kindergarten learning class.

Ban Huai Muang School is a small school situated in the midst of long mountain ranges which is 220 kilometers away from Mae Hong Son city. It is very difficult to reach this area and the mobile phone signal is rarely obtainable.

This school has 84 students graded from kindergarten to the sixth , Suwit Chaothai, School Director informed. The school has only three buildings. The first building is for grade 1-3, the second building is for grade 4-6 and the third old wooden building is kindergarten class. The government budget to renovate school building is inadequate and the majority of student’s parents are impoverish Karen Tribe who are unaffordable to support education development.

The construction company Thai KM Tech Co., Ltd. places importance on fundamental education of children therefore the company has donated the budget in building new kindergarten classroom. The 23 little students then have a new classroom furnished with colorful bookshelf and attractive student desks painted in lovely cartoon images. The school also provides toilets which are suitable for little children.

“We all are very glad that the children will have a new classroom. Thank you everyone for your care of children education and well-being.” Miss Kalaya Sorpo, a teacher of Ban Huay Muang School said happily.

Mr. Prasong Sripitakdamrong, Manager of Sop Moei Development Project gave the information of the school. Ban Huay Muang School is one of five schools that World Vision Foundation of Thailand (WVFT) has developed the quality of life of children in Mae Suad Subdistrict under “the Children Well-Being Development Project”, Sop Moei District, Mae Hong Son Province. This project has a main purpose to develop the “Learning Roots Plus” and “Literacy Hand in Hand”.

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The new kindergarten school building with good facilities and hygienic toilets is therefore helps creating the happy environment to little kids to enjoy learning through play as the purpose of the donor to develop fundamental education to needy children.

In addition to build new school building sponsored by Thai KM Tech Co., Ltd., the Sop Moei Development Project also supported developmental toys for kids to play in the building. The project also provided the seed of home-grown vegetable to the school in supporting school farming and healthy lunch.