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15 February 2018

The Heart filled with Spirit of Giving of ‘Auntie UraiwanSomjit’ (Read in Thai)

“I just think that if children have good education, they will grow up to become good citizens of the nation. That is what I think. I have an intention to help impoverished children to have education to have an equal opportunity like others in the society.”Auntie Uraiwan Somjit talked about the start of her good intention to pay back to the society and the start of her becoming a sponsor in WVFT’s Child Sponsorship Project.

Yongyut,a little young boy from an impoverished family in Omkoi district, Chiang Mai province, was the first child whom Auntie Uraiwanhad kindly sponsored since he was in grade 1 until he got his Bacholor’s Degree. Now Yongyut is studying further on English language in India. He makes Auntie Uraiwan very proud. Whenever she talked about Yongyut, she cannot help smiling with joy.

Auntie Uraiwan said that through these years she has had opportunities to visit the field to do various activities with WVFT staff, such as distributing school supplies to students, educating students and teachers on farming at school and training occupation skills to parents to generate family supplementary income.

All of these have made her realized the poverty problem of children living in the remote areas. Although many areas were far away and difficult to reach, Auntie Uraiwan said she has never felt tired at all because what she had in return was the happiness in her heart which could not be found elsewhere, especially when she saw children’s smiles and hear their laughter or saw the parents’ eyes expression and hear their sincere words of thanks for her as the sponsor and for WVFT as the liaison who delivers help to them.

“What I can feel is the commitment of WVFT to help children, families and communities to have improved quality of life. I am glad that WVFT has helped coordinate and pass on the help to children.”

Now Auntie Uraiwan is 77 years old and still sponsoring 2 children. One of them is Juthamas, 16, a third-year vocational school student who lives in Kaeng Hang Maeo district, Chanthaburi province. The other is PasakornHankla, 7, who is in grade 1 and lives in Thamwiangkae district, Nan province.

Auntie Uraiwan reaffirmed her reason of becoming a giver that it is a good thing if someone can make their dream come true but it is even more wonderful if that dream stays forever.

“Through the last 20 years I have done what I have passion in. I have given opportunities for poor children to go to school as they wish and seen them grown up and have good future. These just make me very happy at the final phase of my life. Thanks to WVFT for being the medium that passes on my good intention to poor children in the society to let them have education. I even feel the most elated with my giving when I know that the sponsored children will bring their knowledge back to further develop their own hometowns.”

There are various ways of giving back to society. For Auntie Uraiwan, her best way is giving impoverished children opportunities to have education.