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28 October 2019

‘Amphorn’ reaches for the stars and makes her dream come true (Read in Thai)

After the breadwinner father had passed away, Amphorn’s mother worked hard to ensure that all of her kids could go to school and were sufficiently fed daily. Amphorn knew right away that her dream to become a teacher would never come true. But perhaps because of her good deeds and gratitude she had constantly shown to her mother, a miracle blessed from the above happened.

Amphorn was supported by World Vision Foundation of Thailand (WVFT)’s Child Sponsorship Programme in Mae Suai, Chiang Rai province. Thanks to the continued kindness that her sponsor had granted since she was in primary school, plus the scholarship from the Bachelor’s Degree Project–another WVFT’s special project that financially supports youth with strong willpower to have an opportunity to pursue higher education as they wish, Amphorn thrived and stepped on the path that led her to fulfil her dream of having a high level of education.

The support of tuition fees, school uniforms, warm clothes, and school supplies promoted her to become fully equipped for studying. In addition, Amphorn was also promoted to develop volunteer spirit and kind-heartedness through outside-classroom activities, life skills enhancement, and community service camps that were conducted by WVFT for youth development. She always spent her free time during school break to help in the community’s activities.

The support also extended to her family. Amphorn’s mother was promoted to grow vegetables for a family’s consumption; she always shared them to their neighbours, if there were enough produce. Moreover, WVFT helped build the bathroom and provided a drinking water storage tank for the family. A local pig breeder was also handed to her mother to be raised and sold when full-grown; the income has been further invested and holistically improved the well-being of Amphorn’s family.

‘All these things supported by the sponsor, including for my schooling and family’s supplementary occupations, tremendously lessened our expense burdens. The moral support from my sponsor propelled me to study hard until I graduated and become who I am today. My family and I feel grateful and appreciate the sponsor’s kindness. Without the support, I wouldn’t have earned a bachelor’s degree. Thank you so much’, Amphorn said with a smile.

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Recently, Amphorn has completed a bachelor’s degree programme from the Faculty of Education, Chiang Rai Rajabhat University and fulfilled her and her mother’s wishes. The happiness of a mother to see her daughter in a graduation gown on the commencement day was not half of how delighted she felt when learning that her daughter has been registered as a teacher of Ban Huai Masang School. Amphorn has returned to her hometown and taught children; she has committed to doing her best in performing her duties.

‘I’m so proud of this daughter of mine. I’m glad that she’s got a bachelor’s degree. Thanks to the sponsor for supporting her education. Thank you for building our family the bathroom and giving us the water storage tank’, Chusi, the mother, said smilingly.

The educational opportunity blessed upon a little girl that day has transformed Amphorn to become a productive citizen. Once a receiver, today she is a teacher– a giver who is ready to pay back to the society that had always fostered her.