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30 July 2019

New Life of Hopeless ‘Nong Wan’ (Read in Thai)

We can never tell when one will come across what type of illnesses; so can’t ‘Nong Wan’ or Daranee, the young lady who developed chronic kidney disease since she was as young as 16 years old. She was in and out of the hospital for hemodialysis until finally receiving an advice to have kidney transplantation.*

‘I’d like to keep having hemodialysis but the doctor was constantly talking me into having kidney transplantation. It took almost a year when the doctor insisted that I should no longer prolong this because the more I waited, the weaker my body would become. The sooner the better it is for the case of kidney transplantation. Everyone in my family agreed with that, but we couldn’t afford the high medical expense. I felt that my life was hopeless. My dream to have higher education in the future had crumbled’, Nong Wan brought back her miserable memory when the unexpected bad news hit her with the diagnosis of kidney disease in mid-December 2016. Her whole year of schooling was put on hold so that she could get medical attention. At that time, Nong Wan was a first-year vocational student of Chom Thong Industrial & Community Education College, Chiang Mai province.

In Nong Wan’s case, she was lucky as her father was a compatible donor and willing to give her one of his kidneys. Nevertheless, the daughter would rather get in line in the waiting list for kidney donation because she did not want any family member to get hurt.

‘Everyone in our family is more than happy to donate their kidney to her because all of us are in good health and don’t have any sickness. When the doctor said it was time for her to have kidney transplantation, we had our HLA typing and cross-matching run. After the test showed that my daughter and I had 100% compatibility, I made a decision to donate one of my kidneys to her so that she could take less antihistamine’, said Nong Wan’s father.

Despite the father’s willingness and readiness to give up one of his kidneys to his daughter, the costs of medical treatment and surgeries, plus the expenses during their recovery, were out of hand for the poor family. Consequently, Nong Wan’s kidney transplantation was postponed once again.

But eventually, the hopeless girl was blessed with a new life. Thanks to the generosity of Nong Wan’s sponsor that was bestowed on her through World Vision Foundation of Thailand (WVFT)’s Child Sponsorship Programme in Omkoi Project and the special budget allocated by WVFT, Nong Wan was finally supported financially to undergo a kidney transplant operation, enabling her to enjoy better quality of life.

Nong Wan’s kidney transplant surgery has successfully been completed. The kidney her father has willingly sacrificed for the apple of his eye is perfectly compatible to Nong Wan’s body. After the treatment, her health gradually improved. Finally, Nong Wan has become healthy as again and returned to her daily life and got back to school to continue studying with her friends at the same college. Nong Wan said she intended to keep following her dream of completing higher education. Now she is a second-year vocational student.

‘I thank my sponsor and WVFT for giving me a new life. I thank my beloved father for his great sacrifice. Thank you so much’, Nong Wan expressed her gratefulness to everyone involved in blessing her with a new life.

*A kidney transplantation is a surgical procedure to place a healthy kidney from a donor into a person whose kidneys no longer function properly. This renal treatment option allows the patient to live as near-normal as a healthy person. Today, kidney transplantation success rate is relatively high. The replaced kidney functions approximately 98% in 1 year and 95% in 5 years. (Source: Bumrungrad Hospital)